Ecobee Smart Thermostat: I have a couple issues with it.

I was a fan of the Ecobee (3), but am losing faith. I have two thermostats. One repeatedly refuses to work with the app. I can see the status of the thermostat, but the app refuses to make any changes on the thermostat, except when I make a change on the thermostat, and then the app works for a few hours or days and then goes back to the old status. The other unit works better with the app , but won’t generate usage data on a regular basis. Both were installed at the same time, but I have 3 times as much data for the one unit, with the other unit frequently showing a “still working on your report” message many months (and never actually showing any results).

I have tried working with Ecobee on this but todate they have not found a fix and sometimes have been downright rude I’m their response.

Also only one unit works with HomeKit. Not really a big deal for me because a lot of my IOT technology doesn’t work with HomeKit (I don’t have the HK comptible hub for my Insteon stuff, and refuse to get yet another hub for WEMO, or to upgrade my MyQ hub). I’m not really into voice commands, being happy to use the device apps and IFTTT and Stringify to integrate my tech.

I own several buildings in Chicago, where temperature control/efficiency is VERY important; and I was a Nest guy all the way (and a former Apple employee–back when Nest products were sold at Apple Stores–before the “troubles”).

I gave Ecobee a shot because: I was intrigued that they were still in business and had a growing product line; I can’t buy Nest at Apple; and I can’t use Siri or HomeKit with Nest.

I had an Ecobee rep come to my building and give me a great demo of the Ecobee 4 with Alexa and a room sensor (and I got a free unit as long as I set it up and started using it–which I did). I gave the Nest in my unit to my sister.

I am totally underwhelmed by Ecobee.

The interface flat sucks.

It’s ugly.

I am not convinced that the room sensors actually work.

Alexa is lame, when it works, which is not often.

And just like Nest, and most IOT devices, there is a serious lack of logging/notifications. I desperately want to be able to control, via a simple switch in the Settings, notifications of ALL EVENTS or SOME EVENTS, or NO Events. I envision a switch for Notifications On/Off and then a sub slider: Normal/Verbose.

I have brought this up to Nest engineers, Ecobee sales guys, and Wink support as well. Apparently l am the ONLY PERSON IN THE UNIVERSE who wants to see notification of events (and decide what level of notification). I am perfectly aware that there IS as log of EVERY event that happens on these devices, but no one wants me to see them. I can see them in my Wink Activity Log (but I don’t get a notification).

Call me crazy, but if I leave my house at 5:45am and my therm goes on (or off) at its regularly scheduled time of 6am, I would like a notification. Then I can say, “hey, it’s working” or “hey, I am not home, I should turn that off now.”

Back to my review of your review. Having said that I am underwhelmed by Ecobee, I am sticking with it. Nest is superior in its industrial design by 1,000 MILES. It is also much easier to use/setup. But, if you actually login to the Ecobee website with a tablet or computer, you do see a TON of data. And I am a data guy. Data rules. Also, Ecobee has more serious commercial units that you can’t even see on their website. They don’t have the IOT screen interface (yet, I am told). So if you are in a commercial space/warehouse you might want to seriously consider Ecobee. Also, and this is very important for me, if you have many therms, and many locations, there simply isn’t a better solution than Ecobee. They have have a great way of viewing a ton of devices (although I was able to give them a pointer or two, because that is how I roll).